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A skin-inspired organic digital mechanoreceptor

Benjamin C-K Tee*, A Chortos*, A Berndt*, A K Nguyen, A Tom, A McGuire, Z C Lin, K Tien, W G Bae, H Wang, P Mei, H H Chou, B Cui, K Deisseroth, T N Ng, and Z Bao

Science, 350, 313–316, 2015 (*equal contribution)

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An electrically and mechanically self-healing composite with pressure- and flexion-sensitive properties for electronic skin applications

B. C-K. Tee*, Chao Wang*, R. Allen, and Z. Bao

Nature Nanotechnology 7, 1–8, 2012

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Continuous wireless pressure monitoring and mapping with ultra-small passive sensors for health monitoring and critical care

Lisa Y Chen*, Benjamin C-K. Tee*, A. Chortos, G. Schwartz, V. Tse, D. J Lipomi, H S P. Wong, M. V McConnell and Z. Bao,

Nature Communications, 5 , 1–10, 2014 (*equal contribution)

Tunable Flexible Pressure Sensors using Microstructured Elastomer Geometries for Intuitive Electronics

B. C-K. Tee, A. Chortos, R. R Dunn, G. Schwartz, E. Eason and Z. Bao,

 Adv. Funct. Mater. 24, 5427–5434, 2014

Shape-Controlled, Self-Wrapped Carbon Nanotube 3D Electronics

H. Wang, Y. Wang, Benjamin C-K. Tee, K. Kim, J. Lopez, W. Cai, and Z. Bao Shape-Controlled, Self-Wrapped Carbon Nanotube 3D Electronics.

Adv. Science. 2, 2015

25th Anniversary Article: The Evolution of Electronic Skin (E-Skin): A Brief History, Design Considerations, and Recent Progress

M. Hammock, A. Chortos, B. C-K. Tee, J. B.-H. Tok, and Z. Bao,

Advanced Materials 25, 5997–6038, 2013

Flexible polymer transistors with high pressure sensitivity for application in electronic skin and health monitoring

G. Schwartz, B. C-K. Tee, J. Mei, A. L Appleton, D. H. Kim, H. Wang, and Z. Bao, Nature Communications 4, 1859–8, 2013

Solution coating of large-area organic semiconductor thin films with aligned single-crystalline domains

Y. Diao, B. CK Tee, G. Giri, Jie Xu, H. A Becerril, R. M. Stoltenberg, T. Lee, G. Xue, S. CB Mannsfeld and Z. Bao,

Nature Materials 12, 665, 2013

Featured on cover of Nature Materials

Featured on cover of Nature Materials

Skin-Like Sensors of Pressure and Strain Enabled by Transparent, Elastic Films of Carbon Nanotubes

D.J. Lipomi*, M. Vosgueritchian*, B. C-K. Tee*, et. al.,

Nature Nanotechnology 6, 788-792, 2011

Highly sensitive flexible pressure sensors with micro-structured rubber dielectric layers

S.C. B. Mannsfeld, B. C-K. Tee, R. M. Stoltenberg, C. V. H-H. Chen, S. Barman, B. V. O. Muir, A. N. Sokolov, C. Reese & Z. Bao,

Nature Materials 9, 859–864, 2010