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Near–hysteresis-free soft tactile electronic skins for wearables and reliable machine learning, H. Yao
, W. Yang, W. Cheng, Y.J. Tan, HH See, H.P.A. Ali, B. Lim, ZJ Liu and B.C.K. Tee*, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2020.

Environment-Resilient Graphene Vibrotactile Sensitive Sensors for Machine Intelligence, H. Yao
, P. Li, W. Cheng, W. Yang, Z. Yang, H.P.A. Ali, H. Guo, and B.C.K. Tee*, ACS Materials Letters, 2020.

Event-Driven Visual-Tactile Sensing and Learning for Robots, T. Taunyazov, W. Sng, B. Lim, Hian Hian See, J. Kuan, A. Fatir, B.C.K. Tee, H. Soh., Robotics: Science and System, 2020.

Bioinspired Prosthetic Interfaces, Li, P., Anwar Ali, H. P., Cheng, W., Yang, J. & B. C. K. Tee*, Adv. Mater. Technol. 1900856, 2020.

Wireless battery-free body sensor networks using near-field-enabled clothing
Rongzhou Lin, Han-Joon Kim, Sippanat Achavananthadith, Selman A. Kurt, Shawn C. C. Tan, Haicheng Yao, Benjamin C. K. Tee, Jason K. W. Lee & John S. Ho, Nature Communications, 2020.

A transparent, self-healing and high-k dielectric for low-field-emission stretchable optoelectronics, Y. J. Tan, H. Godaba, G. Chen, S. T. M. Tan, G. Wan, G. Li, P. M. Lee, Y. Cai, S. Li, R. F. Shepherd, J. S. Ho & B. C. K. Tee*, Nature Materials, 2019. | News and Views

A neuro-inspired artificial peripheral nervous system for scalable electronic skins , WW Lee, Y. J. Tan, H. Yao, S. Li, H. H. See, M. Hon, K. A. Ng, B. Xiong, J. S. Ho and B. C. K. Tee*, Science Robotics, 2019. | Selected as Cover

Wireless body sensor networks based on metamaterial textiles. , X. Tian, P. M. Lee, Y. J. Tan, T. L. Y. Wu, H. Yao, M. Zhang, Z. Li, K. A. Ng, B. C. K. Tee, J. S. Ho, Nature Electronics, 2, 75-82, 2019. | Featured on Nature Electronics News & Views and Selected as Cover

Self-healing Electronic skins for Aquatic Environments, Y. Cao, Y.J. Tan, S. Li, W. Lee, H. Guo, Y. Cai, C. Wang, B. C.-K. Tee*, Nature Electronics, 2, 75-82, 2019. | Featured on Nature Electronics News & Views and Selected as Cover

Highly conductive 3D metal-rubber composites for stretchable electronic applications, Y. Zhao, W.D. Yang, Y.J. Tan, S., Si, X. Zeng, ZJ Liu, B. C.-K. Tee*, APL Materials, 7, 031508, 2019. | Featured on APL Materials

Design and applications of stretchable and self-healable conductors for soft electronics, Y. Zhao, A. Kim, GX Wan, B. C.-K. Tee*, Nano Convergence, 6, 25, 2019.


Soft Electronically Functional Polymeric Composite Materials for a Flexible and Stretchable Digital Future, B. C-K. Tee*, J. Ouyang, Advanced Materials,1802560, 2018.

Gigahertz Integrated Circuits Based on Complementary Black Phosphorus Transistors, L. Chen, S. Li, X. Feng, L. Wang, X. Huang, Benjamin C.K. Tee*, K.W. Ang*, Advanced Electronic Materials, 4, 1800274, 2018.

Self-Healing Electronic Materials for a Smart and Sustainable Future, Y.J. Tan, J. Wu, H. Li, B. C-K. Tee*, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,  10 (18), 15331–15345, 2018.


Flow-enhanced solution printing of all-polymer solar cells, Y. Diao, Y. Zhou, T. Kurosawa, Leo Shaw, C. Wang, S. Park, Y. Guo, J. A. Reinspach, K. Gu, X. Gu, B. C.K. Tee, C. Pang, H. Yan, D. Zhao, M. F. Toney, S. C.B. Mannsfeld, Z. Bao, Nature Communications 6, 7955, 2015.


Shape-Controlled, Self-Wrapped Carbon Nanotube Three-Dimensional Electronics, H. Wang, Y. Wang, B. C-K. Tee, K. Kim, J. Lopez, W. Cai, and Z. Bao, Advanced Science, 2, 1500103, 2015.


A Skin-Inspired Organic Digital Mechanoreceptor, B. C-K. Tee*, A. Chortos*, A. Berndt*, A. K. Nguyen, A. Tom, A. McGuire, Z. C. Lin, K. Tien, W. G. Bae, H. Wang, P. Mei, H. H. Chou, B. Cui, K. Deisseroth, T. N. Ng, Z. Bao, Science, 350, 313–316, 2015.








Continuous Wireless Pressure Monitoring and Mapping with Ultra-Small Passive Sensors for Health Monitoring and Critical Care, L. Chen*, B. C-K. Tee*, et al. (*equal contribution), Nature Communications, 5, 5028, 2014.

Tunable Flexible Pressure Sensors using Microstructured Elastomer Geometries for Intuitive Electronics, B. C-K. Tee et al., Advanced Functional Materials 24, 5427–5434, 2014.

Tuning the threshold voltage of carbon nanotube transistors by n-type molecular doping for robust and flexible complementary circuits. H. Wang, P. Wei, Y. Li, J. Han, H. R. Lee, B. D Naab, N. Liu, C. Wang, E. Adijanto, B. C-K Tee, et al., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111(13), 4776–4781, 2014

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Solution coating of large-area organic semiconductor thin films with aligned single-crystalline domains, featured in Y. Diao, B. C-K. Tee, et al., Nature Materials, 12, 665–671, 2013 | Selected as cover page for print issue and Featured on Nature Material’s News and Views.

The Evolution of Electronic Skin (E-Skin): A Brief History, Design Considerations, and Recent Progress, ML Hammock, A Chortos, B. C-K. Tee, JBH Tok, Z Bao, Advanced Materials, 25 (42), 5997-6038, 2013

An electrically and mechanically self-healing composite with pressure- and flexion-sensitive properties for electronic skin applications, B. C-K. Tee*, C. Wang*, R. Allen, Z. Bao, Nature Nanotechnology, 7, 825–832, 2012. Featured on Science Magazine, BBC, ABC, NatGeo (*equal contribution)

Electronic Properties of Transparent Conductive Films of PEDOT:PSS on Stretchable Substrates D. J. Lipomi, J. A. Lee, M. Vosgueritchian, B. C-K. Tee, J.A. Bolander, & Z. Bao, Chemistry of Materials, 24(2), 373–382. 2012.

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High-Performance Transistors and Complementary Inverters Based on Solution-Grown Aligned Organic Single-Crystals, H. Li*, B. C-K. Tee*, et. al. , Advanced Materials, 24, 2588–2591, 2012 (*equal contribution).

Micro-imprinted prism substrate for self-aligned short channel organic transistors on a flexible substrate, J. Jeon, B. C.-K. Tee, B. Murmann, and Z.Bao, Applied Physics Letters, 100, 043301, 2012.

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