World Economic Forum Young Scientist Panel 2019

EmtechAsia 2019

  1. Invited Speaker, MSE Special Seminar, Stanford University, California, 2019
  2. Invited as Panelist, DeepTech Daredevils, SGInnovate, Singapore, 2019
  3. Invited as Young Scientist of the Year, World Economic Forum “Summer Davos”, Annual Meeting of the New Champions, China, 2019
  4. Invited Talk, Flexible Human-Machine Interfaces and Damage Robust Stretchable Optoelectronics, ECS Meeting, USA, 2019
  5. Invited Talk, Towards Bio- and Neuro-mimetic Electronic Skin Sensor Systems, IEEE BCN Bio-Integrated Flexible and Stretchable Electronics for Skin Sensor Network, USA, 2019
  6. Invited Talk, Neuro-inspired Electronic Skins, MSE Department Seminar, KAUST, 2019
  7. Invited Talk, Stretchable and Robust Electronics, MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, USA, 2019
  8. Invited Talk, Intelligent Touch Perception for Robots, EmTechAsia, MBS Singapore, 2019
  9. Invited Talk, Bioelectronics Symposium, Materials Research Society MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, 2018
  10. Contributed Talk, Soft Robotics Symposium, Materials Research Society MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, 2018
  11. Invited Talk, Artificial Somatosensory Systems, 1st International Smart Skin Workshop, Technical University Munich (TUM), Germany, 2018
  12. Invited Talk, Electronic Skins for RobotsSingapore International Robotics Exhibition, Marina Bay Sands, 2018
  13. Invited Talk at Intelligence of Touch Workshop, International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems – IROS, 2018
  14. Invited Talk, Artificial Skins, Bioelectronics Asilomar 2018, USA
  15. Invited Panelist, Edinburgh-Singapore AI Forum, Singapore, 2018
  16. Contributed Talk, Hand Brain Technology 2018, Switzerland
  17. Invited Talk, Campus Party, Singapore, 2018
  18. Invited Talk, Sensors for AI Enabled Healthcare, Life Sciences Symposium on AI and Healthcare, Temasek Holdings, Singapore, 2018
  19. Invited Talk, International Standardization Forum on Wearable Smart Devices, Seoul, Korea, 2018
  20. Contributed talk, Materials Research Society Spring Conference, Phoenix USA, 2018
  21. Panel Moderator, NUS Society NUSS Professorship Lecture by Zhenan Bao, NUSS Guild HouseMar 2018
  22. Invited talk, International Reliability and Stress-Related Phenomena in Novel and Emerging Electronics Systems, Jan 2018
  23. Invited talk, Gifted Education Program Annual Conference, Ministry of Education, Nov 2017
  24. Panel Moderator, EmTechAsia Innovators Under 35 Event, Nov 2017
  25. Invited Panelist, BME-IDEA APAC Summit 2017 – Leadership Through Innovation Education, Nov 2017
  26. Invited Panelist, Singapore Stanford Biodesign Alumni Homecoming,  Oct 2017
  27. Invited talk, Optogenetic E-Skins, SPIE, San Diego, USA, August 2017
  28. Invited talk, Programming Tactile Sensitivities, International Conference for Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT), Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore,  June 2017
  29. Invited talk, Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, USA, Kavli Workshop, Apr 2017
  30. Invited talk, Singapore Medical Technology Ecosystem,  at Kobe International Medical Alliance, Kobe, Japan, Feb 2017
  31. Invited talk, Bio-inspired Electronic Skins, at 20th Sanken International Conference, Osaka, Japan, Dec 2016
  32. Invited talk, Skin-inspired Sensors, International Conference of Electronic Materials,  Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore, July 2016
  33. 35 Innovators Under 35, Invited talk at EmTechMIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 2015
  34. From Silicon Valley to One-North, Invited talk at OneStart Inaugural Singapore Launch, October 2015
  35. Medical Device Innovation, Invited talk to Osaka University, MEI Center for Innovation, July 2015
  36. Organic Electronic Skin and Medical Device Innovation, Invited talk to Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, China, May 2015
  37. Invited speaker, Bay Area Science Festival with more than 200 participants, October 2013, David Brower Center, Berkeley,
  38. Repeatable self-healing composite with pressure and flexion sensitivity for electronic skin applications, C-K. Tee, C. Wang, et al., ICMAT, December 2013 Meeting, Singapore
  39. Repeatable self-healing composite with pressure and flexion sensitivity for electronic skin applications, C-K. Tee, C. Wang, et al., Materials Research Society, Spring 2013 Meeting, San Francisco
  40. Artificial Electronic Sensor Skin, Invited talk, C-K. Tee, Z. Bao, Intel R&D Lab, Portland, Oregon
  41. Pressure sensors for various environments, C-K. Tee, Zhenan Bao (Oral Presentation)
  42. Compliant Electronics, Materials Research Society, Fall 2011 Meeting, Boston
  43. Large area electronic skin (invited talk) Atmel Corporation, Oct 2010, B. C-K. Tee
  44. Conformable, high sensitivity, large area, and flexible pressure sensors using micro-structured polydimethylsiloxane, C-K. Tee, S. Mannsfeld, Z. Bao, Materials Research Society, Spring 2010 Meeting, San Francisco
  45. High Sensitivity, Large Area, Flexible, Passive and Active Pressure Sensors Employing Structured Elastomeric Films, C-K. Tee et al., Organic Electronic and Photonic Devices, Materials Research Society, Fall 2009, Boston

MIT TR35 Innovator EmtechMIT

MOE Gifted Education Program

Kavli Workshop MRS Spring 2017

Singapore Stanford Biodesign Alumni Panel