Plasmonic Textiles - Collaboration with Ho Research Group on the cover of Nature Electronics

How can we power and receive data from wearable devices all over the body in a secure manner? Read our work to find out.

Self-healing Electronic Materials Review Published

Self-healing Electronic Materials are gaining importance in sustainability and intelligent materials. Read our review paper to find out more.

Advanced Sensotronics

Our group develops cutting-edge artificial sensory devices and robotic systems inspired by natural biological systems for AI applications.

Welcome to the TEE Research Group

We are developing new materials, devices and systems for addressing the challenges in human-machine interactions, robotics and biotechnology applications for the AI future.
AdoptingĀ a multi-disciplinary approach, we aim to study fundamental physical effects and integrate knowledge from material science, nano-electronics, communications and biology to design and realize frontier devices and system architectures for multi-scale, multi-modal sensing.

Our research team is led by Principal Investigator Dr Benjamin C.K. Tee.

Our group’s research featured by CNN International News Network on Tomorrow’s Hero series

Benjamin Tee featured by CNN International on Electronic Skin Research Work

Our latest research on the cover of Nature Electronics

Self-healing materials are an exciting research area for intelligent materials. In this work, we developed an underwater capable electronic material that can be used in emerging soft robots, stretchable electronics and electronic skins.

See video here.

Material NanoScience

Tuning materials properties via nano/micro-engineering of materials

Electronic Skins

Engineering sensitive electronics with tactile perception on a massive scale

Integrated Large-scale Systems

Large-scale integration of advanced materials for artificial sensory systems