Advanced Sensotronics

Our group aims to be a vibrant nexus between material science, mechanics, nano-electronics and biomedical engineering to develop cutting-edge artificial sensory devices and robotic systems inspired by natural biological systems.

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Welcome to the TEE Research Group

We are broadly interested in developing new materials and devices for addressing the challenges in human-machine interactions, robotics and biotechnology applications. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we aim to study fundamental physical effects and integrate knowledge from material science, nano-electronics, communications and biology to design and realize next-generation devices and system architectures for multi-scale, multi-modal sensing.

Benjamin featured on Channel News Asia

Benjamin wins the Young Scientist Award

Material NanoScience

Tuning materials properties via nano/micro-engineering of materials

Electronic Skins

Engineering sensitive electronics with tactile perception on a massive scale

Integrated Large-scale Systems

Large-scale integration of advanced materials for artificial sensory systems